By usr@qconsult

February 24, 2022

Kelly Sanders

Kelly is a Florida native and has worked in the healthcare industry for the past nine years. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration from Indian River State College and has previously applied her knowledge and skills as the Administrator of an outpatient/home health care facility. This position provided her with extensive knowledge in practice administration, billing, insurance prior authorizations and collections. Kelly has managed teams of up to 20 clinicians while ensuring they adhere to all healthcare procedures, methods and best practices. Additionally, she has experience as the Operations Manager of a staffing pool and outpatient consulting firm where she managed all day-to-day operations including revenue management, Human Resources, consulting services and survey preparations for outpatient therapy facilities.

Kelly focuses on maintaining a cohesive environment for team members and patients. Kelly’s professional philosophy – “developing strong relationships is the foundation to everything I do, both personally and professionally.”