By usr@qconsult

February 24, 2022

Kapra Lott

Kapra has a long career in the hospital & health care industry. Her background spans decades in Healthcare Consulting, Performance Improvement, Payment Integrity, Denials, and other revenue cycle support services. As Chief Business Development Officer, Kapra came on board in late 2021 to help support and manage our growth. With over 30 years in developing new markets, mentoring sales teams, and offering viable solutions to hospitals and healthcare professionals, she brings some great experience to our growing company. Kapra is very experienced and truly enjoys leading teams, developing solid client relationships, and promoting customer satisfaction by anticipating needs and providing solutions to our clients. She is proud to say that many of her clients have become good friends over the span of her career, which is a testament to the enthusiasm that she brings to her role, and the exemplary results that she has brought to her clients.

Outside of work, and when she isn’t spending time with her family and grandchildren, Kapra can be found talking Creighton football, attending their games, and the tailgates that precede them.